International Women’s Day – the women of The Mustard Tree

At The Mustard Tree we are passionate that every individual has the opportunity to thrive.  That’s everyone – male or female, younger or older, people who may be isolated and alone or struggling with abuse, poverty and addiction.  Everyone.

As we mark International Women’s Day, we would like to mention just some of the women who work with us, volunteer with us, partner with us and with whom we have the privilege so serve: –

  • The young woman struggling to engage in school so she comes to us as part of our Alternative Provision programme to learn new skills and gain confidence. She is growing her education.
  • The young woman living in the care system, who comes to our hub to make new friends and share her experiences in a safe place. She is determined to build a life for herself.
  • The woman who is a single mum, supporting her daughter who is struggling with her mental health. She is a woman of determination and courage and is building a future for her and her daughter.
  • The women we know who are carers. Who we can listen to and support to access services that can help in the challenging times.  They are building networks to support them in their caring
  • The woman who is sex working on the streets in Reading. She cares for the other women around her and will often help us to get messages out to keep them safe.  She is showing compassion and care in the midst of her own vulnerabilities.
  • The women who are isolated but came to our drop-in coffee morning and are now friends. We acknowledge the bravery that it can take for women who struggle to keep going due to poor physical health, or mental health.  They are finding a strength they didn’t always realise they had.
  • The women who work or volunteer, mentoring, befriending, working on outreach, supporting and caring for others. You give people the opportunity to thrive.

Thank you to all the women we know…..