Become a Volunteer Mentor

Our Starting Point project is passionate about seeing transformation in local young lives aged 11 – 25 through tailored, holistic and relational support. The project meets the young people exactly where they are on their life journey, enabling them to connect with a local mentor, who can provide consistent, reliable practical and emotional support as they begin transforming their future.  During this season of COVD 19, young people need our help more than ever.  Many are scared, confused, and distressed about their future.  Unemployment is at an all-time high.  Many have dropped out of education as the barrier to enable connection is too great to overcome

Starting Point offer a simple yet effective model – local reliable volunteers, consistently mentoring local young people, supported by local businesses, with no wait time to receive support and no time limit to how long support is offered.  This model creates the space required to build genuine relationships, with a tailored and holistic focus.  Our mentors take time to get to know their mentee, taking a genuine interest and helping them grow in areas such as confidence, self-esteem, decision making and aspiration.  The support mentors offer is both practical and social-emotional. 

We are currently recruiting volunteers who can be trained as remote mentors, with the aim to move to face-to-face mentoring when the government allows.  If you would like to be part of transforming a young life in Reading, get in touch today.

Love Your Neighbour

Through the Transform Reading Network of churches and charity partners across the town, we are working together to play our part in helping the most isolated and vulnerable in our communities at this challenging time.

A video has been produced that shows some of the ways we are making a difference in Reading.  You can view it here

With your support organisations including Mustard Tree can impact more lives. From linking in with isolated and vulnerable people to providing families with crucial food supplies in this time of crisis.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in this story. If you are able to support us then please visit the Transform Reading website for more information.  Even if you only give a little it can help a lot!