Bespoke Victim Support through the Court System

Rahab have been able to offer bespoke, individual support to a number of our clients as they make the brave decision to go through the court process. Some cases are historical and some are more current. We always seek to give the maximum support to our clients, helping them find their voice through this often traumatic process of giving statements to police and testimony in court.

We also seek to build partnerships with key people (like the police, or solicitors / barristers) to ensure that our clients feel safe, heard and understood. One example of how this has worked well in the past is demonstrated in this quote from a local Reading Detective Constable:

Det Con James Kyriacopoulos from Reading Force CID said: "We worked alongside the Rahab Project in Reading to build confidence between the victim and the police.Without their support and care, and the bravery of the victim, we would not have been able to build a case."