Welcome to the Rahab Project:

The Rahab Project is all about restoring hope and belief by identifying and supporting those affected by sexual exploitation through raising awareness, offering support and empowerment. Since November of 2005 we have provided Night Outreach and daytime advocacy and assistance for those involved in on- or off-street prostitution, the commercial sex industry and victims of human trafficking.

Night Outreach:

Our Rahab volunteers run weekly street-based Night Outreach in West Reading. This is a unique service, something that is only possible through our dedicated staff and volunteers as outreach fall well outside of normal working hours. We provide supplies and support to the men and women working on-street, as well as gather vital information for the police.

Daytime Support:

We offer a number of different services for our clients, including: Prison/ Hospital Visits, Advocacy at Appointments, Statutory Service Referrals and General Key-work.

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