Our story

The Mustard Tree was established in 2003. The charity's name comes from a story told by Jesus about a small mustard seed which - once planted - "grew and became a tree, so the birds of the air came and perched in its branches." This story reflects how we, as a Christian charity, offer shelter and support to the misunderstood or overlooked.

OUR VISION is to strategically and practically meet the needs of misunderstood or overlooked communities and individuals in our area.

OUR MISSION is to be a voice for the unheard - supporting and empowering the misunderstood or overlooked. We do this by:

  • enabling strategic and practical social action;
  • creating and supporting projects which address unmet needs;
  • speaking up for the unheard in strategic contexts, affecting positive change for these overlooked communities or individuals.

OUR VALUES are to serve the misunderstood with compassion, integrity and professional excellence.

THE MUSTARD TREE'S ETHOS is rooted in the story told by Jesus about the small mustard seed which grew and became a tree, reflecting how we offer shelter and support to the misunderstood or overlooked. Each project, staff member and volunteer is expected to uphold the values and example of Jesus Christ, reflecting His inclusivity and compassion. We strive to serve people whom society overlooks and excludes, opening up opportunities for change. Staff and volunteers are motivated by a desire to live with integrity and compassion, acting in a manner that doesn't bring the charity into disrepute.